The Benefits of Window Blinds

Home windows blinds are good window coverings in a home or workplace. They are used to cover windows in many properties all throughout the world. They have many advantages that make them a popular type of window covering.

One advantage of blinds is that they help to protect your house from the sun by blocking it out from entering into the window. While blocking out the sun, blinds also keep your home from heating up maintaining your rooms cooler on hot days. Blinds can also keep the sun from entering through your windows and fading your furniture and carpet.


This is just one more way blinds work well to protect your home. Window blinds protect your home from unforeseen damage and let just sufficient light into your home to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.


Another fantastic benefit of window blinds is being able to manage how much or how little light that is let into the room. If you want a lot of light in the room, you can open the blinds up all the way, but if you prefer the room to be darker, you can completely near the blinds. This makes it nice to know that you can regulate the light as needed in your home. Some people like blackout blinds that completely hold any light from entering in through the windows.


Curtains are also used for covering a window but a breeze can blow in, blow them around, and then expose your window. Window blinds can help cure this problem when additional with a set of curtains. Window blinds can be attached to the bottom of the window making them a more permanent window treatment. Many types of window blinds are heavier at the bottom making them stronger window remedies for the home.


Window blinds are great for adding decoration in a home. They come in various styles, colours, and textures that match up in with the decor in your home. Blinds are often used as a focal point when they cover very large windows. Window blinds can be used in any room of your home. These are just a few of the many good benefits of window blinds.


Window blinds can also protect your rooms from view when they are closed. People can often see into your home from exterior if your Windows are not covered properly. Blinds such as roller blinds offer superb privacy. Blackout blinds work very well for privacy in your home, but they also keep light from arriving into your room. When you do need light in your room you can raise or open your blinds to adjust how much light is entering into your room.


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What are the benefits of using roller shutters in your home?

Thinking about having roller shutters for your home? Go for it and you’ll surely be amazed with its result. Installing roller shutter is a great way to protect your house. Shutters are not only strong and durable but occupy little space and require very little maintenance.


Why install roller shutters?

Roller shutters are perfect for securing your home but you might be surprised at the offer benefits they offer.By installing roller shutters into your home also helps to:


  • Filter light
  • Regulate indoor temperature
  • Reduce noise level
  • Add security and privacy


Filter light

Do you have larger windows on the west side? If you want to keep out the light, install roller shutters. Curtains can help stop the light once it is in your home but wouldn’t it be better to stop the light and heat entering your home in the first place. Roller shutters are installed on the outside of your home and can filter or prevent as much light as you like before it enters you home.


Regulate indoor temperature

Roller shutters can cover your entire door and windows keeping all the heat out from your home. Or in the cooler months shutters will keep the warm air in which will mean your home is more comfortable,without having to run your heater all the time. Reducing your reliance on your heater will help to decrease energy bills.


Reduce noise level

Roller shutters are perfect if you live on a busy road. Reducing noise levels is one of the main reasons why homeowners choose roller shutters to be installed in their homes. With roller shutter you are able to reduce the noise level that enters your home.


Add security and privacy

Roller shutters will block the view of your home from the rest of the world providing you privacy and security at the same time – perfect if your home is facing the road or is in a noisy neighborhood. Roller shutters are great if you go away for extended periods of time.


What are the benefits of using roller shutters?


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How to get patio privacy in a stylish way!


Let’s face it –even though we love our neighbours, there are times when you want to step outside without striking up a conversation. These are the times when you want your patio to be all by yourself. Fences and brick walls can do the trick but addingpatio blinds can offer more.


Get patio privacy with style

Want to block out your neighbours two storey view? Whether it’s for good or temporarily, patio blinds are a great option for you. These blinds are perfect tools for creating your secret retreat, but still let in the winter sun. Patio blinds can offer privacy without making your outdoor space feel unwelcoming. Plus, you can enjoy your “me time” without worrying that your neighbour will feel being blocked.

Patio blinds can be rolled up or down or anywhere in between – depending on how you want to use them. Patio blinds are not just decorative, you can use to enhance your outdoor space and:


  • Blocks or let in the sunlight
  • Gives you shade
  • Protect you against harmful outside weather elements


Patio blinds

Patio blinds comes in different designs, colours and styles. They can also be made from different materials of your choice. With its wide range, you’ll sure to find a design that will match your home décor and architectural style.


Now that the colder months are on their way, adding a patio blinds is a great solution. It can provide you a comfortable outdoor environment. Blinds can keep the freeze winds away – no more chilly afternoons. These blinds are perfect to create a winter sun trap to enjoy your cuppa in and a little piece of me time.


You want privacy? With patio blinds, you can have it in a stylish way and whole lot more!


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Tired of your house being hot, your laundry being unusable for most of the day due to the hot sun belting in through your glass door?

Sunlight is everywhere, it is vital to our life. When it is constantly beating into your house and baking your laundry, then enough is enough. Time to take some action! How do you fix it, it’s really simple get outdoor blinds – roof to fence blinds.


How can I prevent the sun hitting my laundry door?

Easy, install roof to fence blinds. They are a great type of outdoor blinds which as the name suggests go from your roof across to the top of your fence. Roof to fence blinds can provide enough shade to protect your laundry from the sun’s intense heat.


This is the most flexible types of all outdoor blinds and can be rolled away in winter of be a permanent fixture all year round. The design is very convenient giving you an option to retract it easily whenever wanted. It protects everything underneath and can be a great place to grow fern and topical style plants which will also increase that lovely green cooling effect and make your laundry more pleasant.


How does this work?

Roof to fence blinds covers that empty space extending from your fence to your roof. This prevents the sunlight directly hitting your glass and walls so reducing the heat that they get and stops this heat being radiated into your home.


Where can I use roof to fence blinds?

Roof to fence blinds are very versatile and can be used anywhere there is 2 anchor points to span the blind across. Roof to fence blinds can provide privacy from the edge of your patio roof across to your fence. They can aid in providing shade over the children’s play area near the back fence.

There are hundreds of uses for Roof to Fence blinds. Betta Shade is a leading manufacturer of quality outdoor blinds in Mandurah. Our roof to fence blinds is fully customizable giving you exactly what you need. Call us today for a free quote and we will discuss your exact needs.


Low maintenance external blinds, perfect for your home?

Do you think your outdoor space looks bare and boring?

Is your patio so hot you can’t use it?


Perhaps it’s the perfect time to have it dressed up! Don’t worry; there are a lot of options for you. Read this article to get all the information so you can choose the right blinds option for your home. What are you waiting for?


External blinds

If you are thinking about purchasing external blinds, there are a variety of external blinds that you can choose and they come in different designs, styles and colours. You can have a combination of styles or colours to achieve just the right look you want for your home.

Remember to have a theme eg all the same colour or all the same type of outdoor blinds.


Go for low maintenance outdoor blinds

When choosing external blinds, go with low maintenance external blinds that are locally made. We tend to look for blinds with extra features and those that are aesthetically pleasing. Well, that is fine because you are only after the blind’s functionality and how it can enhance the overall appearance of your home.


You don’t want to spend weekend after weekend looking after your new blinds. With low maintenance external blinds, you will only have to do maintenance on them once or twice a year and by going locally made then the blinds will be made for your conditions.


Wouldn’t it be perfect if you choose low maintenance external blinds? These are those blinds that don’t require constant cleaning and regular check up. You can have them hang there, rolled them up when necessary and forget about them. However, don’t forget to have them check and clean once in a while. They might be low maintenance but they still require some care from you.


Go for low maintenance outdoor blinds

There are many type of external outdoor blinds to suit your exact space.

Outdoor patio blinds – great for verandahs, patios and porch areas

Awnings – covering windows

Roof to fence – side areas, outside laundries etc

External Window Blinds – Children rooms, rooms on west side of your home

Roller Shutter – Heat prevention, reduce noise, light control


As you can see there are numerous options and which is perfect for you will depend on the space you have available and your needs. Simplify your life and contact Betta Shade Mandurah, we have the right blinds for your needs. We provide you with only the best blinds locally made here in Mandurah from quality materials. Ring us for a free onsite measure and quote to discuss your options.