How To Choose The Right Colour For Your Blinds

Want to have cosy feel in your patio this winter? Great idea! Add outdoor blinds and you can instantly create that perfect winter retreat just outside your house.


Follow these tips and see how colour can change the mood in your patio. Here are a few colour options:

  • Safe to use neutrals
  • Light versus dark
  • Warm or cool colours
  • Matching colours
  • Safe to use neutrals

Safe to use neutrals

Use neutral colours like white, cream, and beige for your outdoor blinds. Neutral colour is perfect to pair with colourful walls or bright furniture. If you decide to change your wall colour you won’t have to change your blinds. Neutrals can be adapted to any theme in your outdoor area.


Light versus dark

Want to make your patio look bigger? Use light coloured blinds and complement it with your dark walls. Light colours expand the look of your small cosy patio. Or if you want it to look lovely intimate then use dark colours for your blinds like black to contrast with lighter wall colours.


Warm or cool colours

Warm your courtyard this winter with warm colours like red, yellow, orange. Warm colours create more energy and a stronger feel around your patio area great to heat up cold season.

Use cool colours for blinds and see the fantastic feel it brings in hot season. Pick up colours like blue, green and make your summer feel cool and refreshing. Shade yourself from the heat; blind the sun with cool colours!


Matching colours

White can match with anything else around your patio. Matching white trim makes your area look larger. You can change your wall colour or themes and pair up with different patio coordinating patio furniture, cushions, throw rugs or large colourful pots to make a splash in your patio area.

Mediterranean theme’s look great accented with huge pot plants in bold colours colours  can really freshen up your cosy courtyard and give it a new lease on life.

Mix up your fantastic colour matches and create a lovely feel around your patio!


How to choose the right colour for your blinds

Need help picking up the right colour for your blinds?


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Where to buy the best roller shutters in Mandurah?

Searching for the best place to buy the best roller shutters in Mandurah?


Your search is now over. You can buy your best roller shutters here at Betta Shades Mandurah and we guarantee it with a with 5 or 10 year warranty (depending on the product you choose).

Reasons to buy roller shutters from Betta Shades are :

  • Minimum 5 year warranty
  • High quality
  • Affordable
  • Australian made

5 year warranty

At Betta Shades Mandurah we have the best roller shutters that will last for a long time and that saves you money. We guarantee you will buy quality products best to suit your needs and is free of manufacturer faults.

Buy your roller shutters here and have sturdy protection all year round. Should your roller shutter be damaged in a storm or other accident we have a repair service and can repair any damages on your shutters that will even make it look and function like new! (additional costs apply accidental damage is not cover under the manufactures warranty)


High Quality

We know that you will need durable shutters to secure your home so we sell only the best quality roller shutter and products custom made to suit your exact needs.



Buy roller shutters in Betta Shade, we offer high quality products at an affordable price. Price can also be an indicator of the product’s quality but not all the time. To make sure you are completely satisfied we won’t be beaten on price.


Australian Made

Looking for locally made shutters? We have got what you need. We sell Australian made roller shutters designed for our weather conditions. We make the roller shutter right here in Mandurah from German components. Quality, quality, quality!


Where to buy the best roller shutters in Mandurah?

Betta Shade Mandurah of course.


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How Do I Know My New Patio Blinds Will Last?

Winter is coming and what better way to make the most of it by having privacy at your patio? Wait, are your patio blinds sturdy enough to last through the season? Or are you thinking about buying patio blinds?


Know the conditions of your patio blinds to ensure the limitation of their use. Buying quality doesn’t have to be expense but will really save you money in the long term.

Here are 3 important points to look for when buying patio blinds:

  • Warranty
  • Welded seams not sewn
  • Australian made


Look for a 5 year warranty

Always ask the salesman about the warranty that will come with your patio blinds. You are free to choose your best choice of blinds before purchasing it so go and inspect and ask for a long warranty.

At Betta Shade we offer a minimum of a 5 year warranty on all our products and some come with 10 years. You will have peace of mind knowing that any manufacturing will be fixed in the warranty period.


Welded not sewn

Check the edges of your patio blinds. Make sure it has been welding not stitching. Sewn seams on blinds can easily tear and ruin your blinds, with the stormy weather coming you definitely don’t want this.

Welded patio blinds are sturdy and reliable for protection for a very long time. At Betta Shade all our seams are welded and made to the best quality standards.


Australian made for local conditions

Check out if the blind is an Australian made product that will suit our local conditions? Betta Shade makes all our blinds and products here in our Mandurah factory.


How Do I Know My New Patio Blinds Will Last?


Follow the above tips and call Daniel at Betta Shade for a free measure and quote. Daniel can you show you samples and you will be able to see the exact quality your new blinds will be made of. Plus as an extra special guarantee we will match any quote you have on that product. We won’t be beaten on price!


Extend your privacy, and enjoy your outdoor area all year round with your long lasting patio blinds!

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The Benefits of Polyester and PVC Fabrics for Outdoor Blinds

Are your outdoor blinds easily fading away? Make your outdoor blinds go the distance with polyester and PVC fabrics that are great to keep your blinds looking good for many years to come.

Read on the benefits they have for outdoor blinds:


Polyester fabrics

Keep your outdoor blinds’ colours clear and constant all year round using polyester fabrics! Polyester fabrics are waterproof and anti-abrasion perfect to last all through the winter. Polyester possesses excellent UV stability keeping the colours intact.

Reduce your electrical cooling bills by simply installing polyester outside your home. Polyester is affordable and effective in blocking out light and heat perfect for keeping your home cool and you will be saving on your cooling bill.


PVC fabrics

Want hassle-free cleaning and maintaining for your out blinds? Use PVC fabrics as they are easy to keep. They offer similar strength and longevity to polyester perfect to last long term.

PVC is now popular fabrics for coverings in commercial spaces like outdoor cafes but is also perfect for domestic use such as patio awning and outdoor blinds. Pick up your favourite colour with our great range of PVC fabrics and stay shaded from the sun for many years to come.


Need to update your blinds?

At Betta Shade we have a huge range of outdoor blinds that are welded not sewn so you get the best possible product available. Most of our shade products carry a 5 year warranty and some even have a 10 year warranty. You can rest assured you are buying locally made quality blinds that are custom made to suit your exact need, Near enough isn’t good enough so don’t settle for second best.

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Call Betta Shades Mandurah to discuss you shade needs.