Do Roller Shutters Provide Privacy?

Have you always craved for privacy? Do you want to hide from the world temporarily? If so, you might have considered closing your doors and windows at home. This can be effective, but sometimes, closing them is not enough. So, what should you do?

Roller shutters are the answer.

Get privacy your way!

You cannot tell people to go away, nor ask them to leave you alone, but you can always get your privacy your way. Is it possible? Yes, it is. Privacy can be obtained if you installed roller shutters. Roller shutters are popular because they offer several benefits such as:

Home security

Insulation from heat and cold

Energy savings

Light and weather protection

Fire protection

Most of all shutters offer one thing that we crave the most – privacy.


Roller shutters and your privacy

Roller shutters provides protection from prying eyes. With roller shutters, you can have your own space without worrying about outsiders peeking in. Whether you have a bedroom or a living room facing the road, installing roller shutters are the perfect solution for you.

With shutters you have options; you can be rolled up, down or somewhere in between. Don’t worry about total blackout from the world because roller shutters have perforation holes that can be kept open, allowing you to enjoy the natural light and airflow while maintaining your privacy. Or you can close them right up if you need to sleep during the day.

Roller shutters are made from high quality aluminum which is light and reduces noise transmission perfect if you live close to a busy road. No more barks of dogs, lawn mower noise and traffic sounds.

Despite being in a crowded, noisy place, you can still get your privacy and enjoy it with roller shutters! Make your home your own private sanctuary, a treat from the craziness of the world outside. Enjoy some peace and quiet while being totally safe in your home.

For your roller shutter installation needs, call Betta Shade today, your outdoor specialist servicing Mandurah and surrounds.


Enjoy your patio in all kinds of weather, install patio blinds!

Your patio is a great place to have chat with your friends on a lazy afternoon or when you want to have time for yourself. The weather can be unpredictable and with your patio beginning semi outside your home, you don’t have control over the change of weather. As a result, your patio may be the last place you want to end up and it will go unused for most of the year.

There is an answer! Patio Blinds

Enjoy your patio in all kinds of weather, install patio blinds!

Install patio blinds to your outdoor entertaining area and you will be back in control again.

  • Warm in winter
  • Prevents those chilly breezes creeping in
  • Keeps you cool in summer


Pull down your new blinds and prevent that cold breeze wrecking your special time. Prevent the rain lashing in and wetting your furniture, pull the blinds back up to let the cooling summer breeze blow through. Fully adjustable and you can even get remote control models. The options you can create are endless.

Outdoor patio blinds can improve the look and feel of your home

Installing patio blinds can be a classy and beautiful addition to your home. They are not just practical, but they are functional as well. They have the significant influence in setting the character of your patio and improve your comfort levels. They can be installed:

  • While your patio is being designed
  • Or anytime, when your patio is already finished


Imagine stepping into your outdoor living space with patio blinds, perfect temperature and you can start preparing for your party, no worries. With your new blinds you will be able to block direct sunlight and wind, making your patio experience more enjoyable. Catch those few winter sunrays and create that perfect area for a midday cuppa.

Installing patio blinds on your outdoor living is a perfect solution to your renovation needs. Add extra usable space all year round and you don’t even have to go to the expense of renovating.

Just install a patio blind – simple solution yet efficient.

What are you waiting for? Enjoy your patio again.

For your patio blind needs, contact Betta Shade on 08 9582 0083 and get your measure and free quote today. We custom make outdoor blinds to your home, your exact need, no compromising, quality products made right here in Mandurah. Call now!



Are external blinds good for security?

External blinds can help protect you and give your home an elegant look. Having the blinds installed is an ideal way to stop heat from entering the home. External blinds can beautify both your home’s interior and exterior.

Are external blinds good for security?

Yes and No!

It depends what type of external blinds you have:

  • Awnings
  • Patio Blinds
  • Or Roller Shutter


Roller shutters definitely the best when it comes to providing your home with extra security against intruders. Roller shutters have become more and more popular in homes today, but what exactly are they? Here’s what you need to know.

What are roller shutters?

These shutters are mounted on the outside of your window or door and roll down to cover it to provide protection. You can find shutters with different colors and patterns that can match your home’s design. Shutters can be manually operated or by a remote control.

Shutters are;

  • made from metal – aluminum or steel
  • strong and affordable
  • provide protection from intruders
  • provide noise suppression
  • can be used to darken the room for children or shift workers

Roller shutter provides security

Perhaps the biggest benefits a roller shutter is that it provides your home with excellent security. Roller shutters are not only strong but a visual deterrent. It takes a great deal of effort to pull away shutters; instead of entering your home, intruders will look for an easier target.


Quality roller shutter will give your protection, security and peace of mind. Betta Shades are your local external blind and roller shutter manufacturer, we provide quality products at an affordable price. Call us at 08 9582 0083 to discuss all your external blind and roller shutter needs today.


5 benefits of outdoor blinds!

Living in Australia, we love and enjoy the outdoors. The weather is gorgeous, the temperature is comfortable and being outdoors is the best place to be. With our climate being perfect for outdoor living, many homes have an outdoor area such as patios, verandahs and decks, which are a great place to enjoy the outdoor entertaining.

With winter on its way you will want to maximize the use of your patio area. In order to protect your outdoor area from any early storms or harsh weather conditions, installing outdoor blinds is the perfect solution. If you install your blinds now in  winter you will  be able to enjoy this space.

Here are 5 benefits of outdoor blinds being installed at your place!

  1. Privacy
    Need privacy! You probably have experienced feeling like you are being watched. Installing outdoor blinds and you can fix that. You will be able to block unwanted eyes from seeing in.

  1. Weather protection
    Outdoor blinds will not only protect you against the weather including wind and rain , but offers protection from the scorching summer heat of the sun as well. You can entertain your guests any time of year in your outdoor area without worrying about what the weather will do.


  1. Style
    Outdoor blinds come in different colours, shapes and styles. You can choose blinds that will complement your home’s theme.


  1. Affordable
    Outdoor blinds are a great addition to your outdoor living space because of they are affordable and long lasting.


  1. Australian made
    Australian made by Betta Shades, we make custom made blinds to suit your needs right here in Mandurah Western Australia.


For all your outdoor blinds needs, contact Betta Shades, your outdoor specialist and get a free quote today!