Easy Christmas Tree Alternatives

Have you been really busy this past few days? Have not yet set up a Christmas decorations in your home?

It is not too late to put up a Christmas tree! Here are a few different ideas that will have your home sparkle, pick your best from our do-it-yourself  easy Christmas tree alternatives for busy people.

When it comes to your tree, what’s important is the loving and sharing you have for each member of the family and tree will just be as merry as any other Christmas tree out there.

Here are our smart Christmas tree alternatives:


You have not thought of it, do you? Yes, a life-size poster of a Christmas tree pasted in you wall will give same impression as a real Christmas tree. It is inexpensive too and very easy to keep when the season ends. Children can help too.


Christmas Cards

Take out all those Christmas greetings you received. They sure look elegant and attractive. They can be a really good option for decoration. Arrange them to your wall forming the shape of a Christmas tree and get that fabulous result. Your friends will sure be proud when they see those Christmas cards that they gave to you.


Tip: Use a reusable adhesive to ensure an easy re-arrangement of your tree whenever you want to. Reusable adhesives are clean, safe and best alternative to pins and sticky tapes.



Crisscross woods or branches around and inch height, couple of inches width and a descending length from the foot to the tip of the tree can form a naturally-themed Christmas tree. You can drill it first before sticking a steel pole through the holes to keep the woods in form. Hang in Christmas ornaments with colours that blend well the colour of your tree. Enjoy it unique look!


Wrapping paper

Presto! A Christmas tree cut to shape from pretty Christmas wrapping is an instant solution to your tree problem. Looks fabulous and will only take a short amount of time. You can even stick some tinsel on it and a flat decoration or two.


Think outside the box and you will be amazed at the beautiful, quick and cheap effect you can do to make your Christmas tree special this year.


Betta Shade Mandurah wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Motorised Blinds for Your Patio

Choosing a patio blinds to protect your outdoor area from harsh weather elements is a huge decision. Nothing can compare to the protection that patio blinds gives. Today as we are busy and need things to be easy, motorised blinds are perfect for your outdoor area,


Advantages of motorised blinds: Easy user controls

Motorised patio blinds are quick and easy,another can use them from children to older people who don’t have the strength they once had. You can respond to changes in weather, sun or wind keeping your quest comfortable and dry.


Optimum shade control

In Australia we are blessed with a fantastic sunny climate; this means that you can enjoy the best of sunny weather almost all year round. With motorised patio blinds, you can protect your outdoor area and keep comfortable inside as well as being safe from harmful sun elements throughout the day, especially during summer. Of course, using the motorised function of your patio blinds, you can adjust the settings quickly and conveniently to take enjoy the cooler afternoon air.


Flexible functionality

Motorised blinds can be controlled using either a mounter remote control or a portable one. This gives the user more flexibility in using the motorised blinds. If you want to allow light to get in during morning, then change it later it is simple to do with your remote contro.


Patio blinds Mandurah

Patio blinds are your best protection outdoor. With motorised patio blinds, you the homeowner are given more benefits to enjoy. The ease of using it and the flexibility of being able to mount it in any wall of the room or hold it in your hands is an amazing feature.


For custom-made blinds in Mandurah, call Betta Shade Mandurah; your local outdoor specialist. We offer a wide selection of window and patio blinds. Call us now!


How to make a perfect patio for Summer?

Summer can be really full of fun activities and excitement.

Kids looking forward to it as this will be their best time for playing and exploring outdoor things. Adults getting ready to enjoy great times with friends and family over a cold drink or bbq.

Need a little help to get your patio perfectly ready for summer ?

Here are a few ideas!


Accessorise your patio with furniture

Patio furniture is an essential element in your outdoor entertainment area. It should be  comfortable and look good to give an overall feel to your outdoor area. Choosing the right patio furniture for summer is important.


Whether updating or just giving your existing furniture a spruce up, this is the best place start.


Add some plants to your patio

Pot  plants give instant colour, you can group them in like plants or colours. You can buy pot plants that are already in flower or create your own if you have time. Foliage plants are great for shady area while still adding interest.


Add style or shade to your patio.

Café, outdoor and patio blinds are a great way to add style and extra shade to your patio. Prevent the direct sun from hitting your pavers and you will prevent that radiant heat coming back at you later in the day. When the sea breeze comes in you can lift the blinds out of the way and let the cool air flow in. Perfect for adding that extra touch of class to your patio.


These simple tips will get your summer entertaining off to a great start.


Call Betta Shade Outdoor Blinds for your new outdoor blinds today, you will be surprised at how easy it is and affordable too. Get free measure and quote today.