Five Ways to Make a Small Patio Cosy This Winter!

Have fun in your lovely patio area this winter; are you making the most of its intimate small space? Extend your happiness by keeping out the winter breeze and snuggle up with cuppa and enjoy some outdoor air.

Here are 5 ways to make a small patio cosy this winter; follow these tips to make the most of your patio area:

  • Clean up
  • Use small furniture
  • Install green wall
  • Use patio blinds
  • Hang some mirrors

Clean up

Have a storage space to tidy away the children’s toys from the patio area. Only keep out the things that you need now, don’t clutter up your in your patio. Keep your patio clean, sweep up any leaves, dust, dirt or spider webs.

Keeping the area clean to prevent cockroaches spoiling your outdoor time with friends.


Use small furniture pieces.

Choose furniture that can fold away easily and avoid bulky items. Built in seating areas within the patio is a clever use of space. Think about grouping your pots in one area instead of spreading them throughout the garden.

It is best to buy multipurpose furniture to reduce expenses and the space used in the patio. You can bring some chairs when the need requires.


Install green wall.

Lift your garden up to off the floor of your patio. Use smaller pots or hanging baskets to hang your garden vertically and you can breathe the fresh air around your patio. Never use big pots for it will just take huge space from your small patio.

Water your vertical garden daily to maintain the freshness of your small cosy patio; fresh air is life!


Use patio blinds.

Purchase patio blinds that are welded and designed for your conditions, sewn blinds are frail and can easily be damaged in stormy weather. Patio blinds offer privacy and screening while permitting views to the outside. They can help to great suntraps and block the chilly breeze from whipping around your ankles

Having patio blinds makes your patio appear big outside. It also intrigues outsiders to see what’s inside your hidden patio.


Hang some mirrors.

Trick your visitors into seeing a wide vision of your small patio. Hang mirrors to double the visual size of your small patio. Mirrors can give the feel of space, making them a great addition to any small room, including your small patio.

Add a visual depth to your patio by hanging a mirror to reflect the view of your landscaping, bring your backyard in. You can have a painted mirror frame to add a pop of colour to your walls. This will turn your small patio into a more relaxing oasis.


Enjoy your patio this winter

Need patio blinds? Patio blinds are great to control the temperature in your patio all year around.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Roller Shutters for Your Home

Winter is almost here, what better way to keep warm than play pillow fight with friends at your living room? OK, not for everyone but sounds like fun doesn’t it?

Make the fun last, even just sitting and watching TV, by shooing away winter breeze with some roller shutters.

Shielding cold air doesn’t have to be hard and costly. Buy roller shutters and you can enjoy the warm air inside your house and not let it escape out onto the street.

Here are 3 reasons then you can enjoy your warm winter season:


1. Manage indoor temperature

Roller shutters can cover your doors and windows preventing the heat leaking outside of your home, making it cosy and you don’t need to plug your heater or light your fire as much to keep it warm inside. In summer you can prevent the heat from outside getting into your home.

Start reducing your energy bills with roller shutters. Stop relying on heater or fire when you can have roller shutters affordable and hassle-free. You just have to roll it up to open to let the sun in and then lower it to close again in the afternoon; easy!


2. Increase security and privacy

Roller shutters can block your entire house from your neighbours and thieves keeping your house secured all the time. Roller shutters are great when you live facing a busy road and want to block the noise and busy traffic out.

You can leave your house for extended periods of time and not have to worry about thieves getting in. Or when you’re alone in the house and need security, just roll the shutters down and you can feel safe.


3. Prevent light and noise

Roller shutters are a great way to prevent light and noise entering your home during the day. They are perfect stop noise from outdoor parties or your neighbours disturbing your baby’s sleep.

Need to get some sleep after your shift?If you are a shift worker and need to sleep in the morning, just roll down your shutters and instantly it is dark so you can have a sound sleep anytime you want.


3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Roller Shutters for Your Home

Keep your home warm in winter, cool in summer roller shutters are perfect for you all year round. Check out roller shutter they are a great investment for you home.

What are you waiting for? Ring for a free quote today and have your new roller shutters installed.

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Choose Betta Shade for all your outdoor blind needs!


Looking for the right sun shade solution for your outdoor area? Installing outdoor blinds is the perfect solution for you.

Was there times this summer when you stay away from your outdoor area because it was too hot?

Last winter did you neglect your patio are as you were afraid those chilly easterly winds or having the rain blow in and you would be getting drenched? Outdoor blinds will solve both these problems.


Reclaim your patio area

To combat the blazing midday sunshine or just a protection from the harsh wind, installing outdoor blinds is your perfect option to reclaim your patio area to be used all year round. With so many outdoor blinds options to choose from, which one is for you?

Your choice in blinds will depend on your exact need. Things to think about are, how you want cover your space, what type of protection you want and what kind of look you are after for your home.

Here are some outdoor blind types:

  • Café blinds/Patio blinds
  • Roof to fence blinds
  • Awnings
  • Roller shutters

Don’t worry about finding the best shading option for your home, we can help you. Rather, be careful to choose the right company to buy your outdoor blinds from.

Choosing Betta Shade Mandurah

When in Mandurah and surrounds, choose Betta Shade for all your outdoor blind needs. Our outdoor blinds are fashionable, durable, locally made and guaranteed making them and asset to your property. Here are few reasons why you should stick with us:

  • Affordable shade solution
  • Made to measure
  • UV protection ensured
  • Quality products
  • Australian made right here in Mandurah

Here at Betta Shade, we make sure that your exact need is met; our products are suitable for any type of outdoor spaces. Outdoor blinds offer an ideal solution to combat the harsh Australian weather condition all year round.

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