How to Decorate Your Outdoor Room

Whether you have a tiny background or a big patio, it’s important that you decorate it properly in order for you to enjoy it during a lovely season, especially now that spring is here.

An outdoor room has to be functional, but it should also be engaging and attractive or you’ll never use it. If you already have a patio, you might need to take a look at your furnishing, plants and overall theme, looks like you need to do a bit of decorating?

Decorating your patio

There are several ways to decorate your outdoor room; you need to start with a theme. What kind of style do you want something that suits your taste; think about your dream outdoor area? Love the feeling of a morning cup of tea by the beach or by the hillside? You can start from there. Create your outdoor space with elements of that certain place or time you have in mind.

Here are some elements that you could consider adding to create your theme to decorate your patio area.

Add a water feature

If you are dreaming of a cool mountain side idea, a tropical paradise or just loves the tranquility that the sound of water brings then a water feature is going. Water will be an important element in your outdoor room and the sound of water creates a serene setting. It’s nice to hear some splashing water when you are outside. Thinking you will need to have a big pond or a waterfall? Not necessarily, especially if space is limited, for that splashy feeling you can consider using a container water garden or a tabletop fountain. Japanese gardens incorporate water features beautifully into very small spaces.

Think about your flooring

In order to get that “you-just-step-outside” feeling, your patio should have a floor. It doesn’t have to be elaborate and you could add a nice cosy rug which you can roll away as the weather warms up. Find flooring that will match the patio design you have in your mind.

Use plants

Plants are a good addition to your patio because they:

Soften hard edges

Add a sense of life and colour

In spring, flowering plants can make your patio more adorable and inviting. Potted colour can make an instant effect and at this time of year are available everywhere. Also think of adding more structural plants for a long term effect. Succulents are perfect for a Mediterranean theme, herbs, lavender and rosemary for European, let your imagination go and enjoy the process.

Too hot on your patio?

You have got your theme and are ready to decorate, but as the sun comes out you are baking or that cold wind is still whipping around your ears. Oh no this is not going to work!

Wait! Patio blinds are just the answer for you.

Installing patio blinds will put you back in control of the weather and get your new patio room back on track. Decorate your patio properly and effortlessly transition it to make it spring a really wonderful time.

Betta Shade Mandurah has the perfect patio blind and shade solution for you. We custom make all our blinds to suit your need perfectly and what’s more we won’t be better on price. Ring Betta Shade to book your free measure and quote and get ready to really enjoy your patio again.

Is your theatre room not dark enough?

If you need to make your theatre darker we have the perfect answer for you, Roller Shutters! Lots of people are using roller shutters for their theatre rooms. Why? You can turn your room into pitch darkness in a matter of seconds, even on the sunniest of days.Dark, cool and sound control that is what you need for your theater room.

Get ready to enjoy the true cinema experience right here in your own home.

Here’s what you need to know about creating the perfect theatre environment.

  • Reduce ambient light
  • Reduce noise
  • Reduce heat
  • Protect your valuable equipment

Turn your theatre room dark in seconds.

Is your theatre room not dark enough? If you want to enjoy your theatre room just as much as you do on a movie theatre, you will need to reduce ambient light? This is the light that is already in your room and doesn’t come from your projector. The most common source of light is sunlight and this can be a big problem, especially if you use your projector during the day or in summer as the days get longer.

If you want to have the best possible image quality, you need to reduce the amount of sunlight that enters into your room. To do this, your best option is to use roller shutter. Make sure that the material you choose for your roller shutter has 0 % opacity. Otherwise, sunlight will still come through.

Installing roller shutter is great because it doesn’t just block sunlight and the touch of a button, they also offer:

  • Thermal insulation, reducing heat in the summer, keeps you warm in winter
  • Noise reduction
  • Protection against burglars stealing your valuable equipment

With roller shutters, you can enjoy sitting on your theatre room without worrying that the sound of a passing car will interfere with what you are watching.

Now sit back and enjoy your movie without even leaving your home.

Install roller shutters now and create a great home theatre! Need shutters for your home? Whether you are planning to create a theatre room, need to make your existing one better or just want to add protection to your home, contact Betta Shade Mandurah. We are your shutter specialist, manual and remote control options are available. Ring us now for a free measure and quote, we will beat any written quote.

3 ways to make your patio cosy this winter!

Hanging out for Spring and Summer? Can’t wait to use your patio again?

Don’t Wait, use it now!

Even now in winter you can spend time outside and enjoy your outdoor patio, here is how to make your patio cosy this winter.

How to make your patio cosy?

Your patio is a great place to have your next BBQ with family and friends, a place to enjoy a quiet cup of tea, for the children to play outside or just bask in the sun. Having a cosy patio will make sure everyone wants to be outside even though it is winter.

Here’s how to make your patio cosy and the place to be.


Keep the wind out

Snuggle up

Let in the sunlight

Let the sunlight pour into your patio and keep it there. Even in winter most days still have some sun. Utilise the free heat from the sun by maximising the amount that can enter your patio and then trapping it in with patio blinds once the sun has passed over.

Things that can stop the sunlight entering your patio are:

Blinds that are left down

Trees, plants


Summer shade is great, but in the winter we need all the warmth we can get. Roll up your patio blinds during the day and drop them after the sun has gone to hold the keep the warmth in. Pruning your trees back or have deciduous trees planted near your patio will be great for shade in the summer but let the sun in winter.

Your fences can’t be moved, but think about the colour, dark colours hold the heat and will keep the area warmer, whereas lighter colours will bounce the light into your patio.

Use patio blinds to keep the cold wind out.

Installing patio blinds are an excellent way to trap the heat in. We have a huge rangeof outdoor blinds for you to choose from at Betta Shade Mandurah. Patio blinds are great all year round summer shade, winter warmth. Roof to fence blinds are great for frost control too.

Snuggle up!

You can turn your patio into a nice cosy outdoor room with rugs, pillows and cushions, great for cuddling.Add a splash of colour to really get ready for Spring. Add a cosy floor rug to prevent the heat being lost through your pavers. When the sun is shining on the pavers roll your rug back and then replace it to keep the warmth in and your feet toasty warm.

Enjoy your cosy patio with these easy tips.

Transform your patio into the place to be, a warm, cosy spot even during winter, perfect for a cuppa and to relax on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Betta Shade Mandurah custom make patio blinds to fit your space and need perfectly. When it comes to outdoor blinds don’t settle for near enough, have your blinds made to fit your place. Free quotes and we won’t be beaten on price. Servicing Mandurah, Rockingham, Peel, Kwinana and surrounds, call today.