How to Prevent the Summer Heat Getting Into Your Home?

Our Summer is HOT!

Great beach weather and when you come home from the beach you want to have a cool house. Heat and glare can be irritating and make your patio or rooms in your house feel like a furnace.

Heat that enters your house will raise the room temperature and make you hot. Glare can make it hard to use your computer or watch TV. You can close the curtains but that can make the room very dark.

Preventing heat and glad from entering your house will ensures you have a much more comfortable room temperate and you less reliant on the airconditioning. Having a cooler home makes for more enjoyable living in this very hot summer!


How to prevent the summer heat getting into your home?

The answer is outdoor blinds.

Outdoor blinds reduce heat buildup in your home

Prevention is better than cure. Stop the heat before it hits your windows and entered your home. Having a good quality external window blinds or outdoor blind as covering is the best way to maintain cool temperature inside your home. Window blinds have been effectively used to provide shade and protection against harmful heat elements for many years. Stopping the heat getting into your home is paramount to keeping it cool. This also protects your hardwood floors from ageing faster than needed and for your furniture to dry, crack or fade because of excessive heat exposure.

Putting your blinds down in the morning before the sun heats and keeping your walls and windows protected is the key. Custom blinds can be installed to protect glass doors and windows, made to perfectly fit your house and requirements.

Blinds prevent glare from wrecking your afternoon

Glare can be unfriendly to your eyes, especially if you are working on a computer or trying to watch television. The reflections can bounce off your wooden floor, mirrors, windows onto your television. Outdoor blinds can make that hot glary room usable again.


Patio Blinds

Patio blinds control the temperature in your patio making it much more useable all year round. Blinds protect your patio furniture from sun exposure and getting wet in the winter or tha unpleasantness of those strong winds in the middle of a family get together. Patio blinds can keep your patio clean by preventing dust and leaves from being blown in.


You can enjoy your patio so much more with patio blinds.


Betta Shade Mandurah is a local supplier and manufacturer of quality window blinds, outdoor blinds and patio blinds. We also made custom blinds for your specific need.


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How to clean patio blinds?

Patio blinds are great addition to your patio’s area. They can add beauty and a decorating feature to your outdoor area and provide protection against sunlight, wind and dust.


How to clean patio blinds, is a common question.

Just like any other house accessory, patio blinds also needs regular cleaning, especially because they are installed outdoor and are exposed to dirt and dust. To ensure you get the full life from your patio blinds, giving them a thorough cleaning and maintaining ensures clean air will pass through them for a very long time.


Here are simple tips on cleaning you patio blinds:


Vacuum cleaning


Since it is installed outside your house, cleaning it using a vacuum cleaner will be easier. That is because, most probably, there are no fragile house decorations, exquisite sofas and priceless furniture that you may accidentally hit during the process. You could hit your flower pots and plant containers, so be sure to keep them aside first before you start with you vacuum cleaning.


Also, use only brush attachments in doing the cleaning to make sure every corner of the blinds are worked. Best to have the blinds fully open when cleaning and remember to do both sides.


Spot cleaning


Finger marks made by your playful kids can lead to dirt build up. Sweaty hands touching your blinds can leave wet marks and dust and dirt can easily stick to it. Spot cleaning using a damp sponge to be followed up by dry cloth can be very effective.


Washing your blinds


When vacuuming won’t remove away dirt, especially with clear blinds, you may need to wash them. Depending on their location you may be able to wash them by spraying them with a garden hose in the current location. If not detach your patio blinds from where it is installed then hang them on your washing line and hose them down.  It is always best to wash your blinds when they are hanging for best result. You can wipe them with mild detergent for stubborn stains or mould, just be sure to rinse it well to remove soap residue. When dry rehang your blinds back in position. Remember not to wash them in the heat of the day or you may get streaks.


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