How To Maintain Your Roller Shutters Properly This Winter?

Winter is here, a perfect time to use your roller shutters to block out cold air. Your shutters will need very little upkeep to work at their optimum efficiency.

Simple ways to keep roller shutters at their best:

  • Free the shutters from any rubbish or debris
  • Use shutters with care
  • Grease the bearings
  • Avoid applying abrasive cleaners
  • Free the shutters from any rubbish or debris

Always keep your shutters clean and free from any rubbish, debris or build-up of dirt as this can cause damage or rust your shutters, preventing them from operating smoothly. Get your broom and sweep off the dirt, checking for any leaves or twigs that may have found their way into  the shutters.

With the shutters slightly open brush out the ventilation holes. Hose your shutters down using sponge and a mild soap in warm water. Then wipe them dry using an absorbent cloth, old towels work well.


Use shutters with care

Need to block cold air out in winter? Don’t rush when closing your shutters as they must be opened and closed with care. Make sure that the shutter does not slam into the box on opening and firmly close shutters before locking to avoid any accidental damages.


Grease the bearings

Prevent rust by greasing the shutters at least once a year this will stop the rolling mechanism getting rough. Apply steel lubricant to the guide rails to ensure the rolling mechanism continues to operate smoothly.


Avoid applying abrasive cleaners

Never apply strong bleach, solvents or methylated spirits when cleaning your shutters. Don’t use steel wool, scrubbing brushes, scrapers or any sharp objects to remove dirt as they can damage the enamel surface of the shutters.

It is best to use a garden hose with moderate pressure to remove dirt. Avoid spraying directly into the head box.


How to maintain roller shutters properly this winter?


Remember these 4 easy tips to look after your shutters this winter.

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