Patio Blinds vs Roller Shutters, Which is Best?

The advantages of having control over the amount of sunlight and heat that enters your home or outdoor entertainment area is crucial in maintaining comfort levels in those areas and lower electric bills all year round. Winter is also a time when you want to stop those cold winds blowing around your home.

While the market today offers lots of options to solve shade needs for homes, Patio Blinds are still the one of the most solutions. Due to its range of high quality and durable materials used, and the ability to be well-customized to fit any window, door or patio openings, patio blinds have been continuously innovated to serve its purpose. From patio blinds are an effective way of reducing cold winds and shades when needed and at a very practical and cost-effective manner.


Patio Blinds vs Roller Shutters

Which is better between patio blinds and roller shutters? Well, that really depends on what purpose you want them for.

Patio Blinds

One of the best benefits of blinds is that they are less bulky than roller shutters. They were designed in such a fashion that it will not hinder or obstruct the ambience of the room where it is placed; hence, it adds more value to it! They also will not restrict your view, but will prevent prying eyes from looking in. Patio blinds are very user-friendly; with a simple twist of the handle you can instantly enjoy a lovely protection against sunlight and heat when needed on a midday. You can also retract them completely when not in use. You can also pull the blinds down to prevent the wind getting into your patio.


Roller Shutters

Roller Shutters, on the other hand, are larger and more robust than patio blinds, perfect

  • To insulate
  • Noise and light control
  • For privacy
  • For security

Patio Blinds vs Roller Shutters, which is best?

In general, the choice between roller shutters and patio blinds actually depends on personal preference and need. Both have their own advantage when used correctly.

Betta Shades Mandurah is your local home and outdoor shade system specialist. We have a wide range of both patio blinds and roller shutter to choose from, call us now to get more details on our products. We can give you a free measure and quote and discuss the right product for your needs.

Custom made blinds to keep your home warm

Blinds are purposely installed to maintain a cool atmosphere inside our homes in summer. But during winter, blinds are also effective in keeping the surroundings warm and comfy.

The hot temperature inside our homes is essentially caused by the unblocked heat that gets in through our windows and doors and using blinds to prevent the heat entering your home. On the other hand, during winter season, the cold temperature inside your house is due to the loss of hot air escaping through uncovered or poorly insulated outlets like doors and windows.

Custom-made blinds are the best insulation solution for situations like this.  They passively blocks heat from getting in during summer and prevents it from getting out during winter, giving you a big save on energy bills for heating and cooling bills.


Passive heating through sunlight

The temperature is relatively low during winter, but in Australia, homeowners can still benefit from the winter sunshine. Taking advantage of the heat that the sun provides can give maximum warm comfort inside your home during this season. Making good use of natural energy is a strategy popularly known as passive home design. This is definitely the best and easiest way to maintain comfort inside your house all year round without relying in electrical appliances.

Blinds can be easily operated to be opened and closed when needed to satisfy our needs. With a modernized operating system of blinds, remote controls are being offered to give a more convenient and smooth operation of your blinds. Blinds can also be manually operated by using a crank handle provided during installation.

Choosing between remote control and manual operated should be taken into serious consideration first before proceeding with your purchase. You must first consider important factors like; position, access and budget.


Custom blinds in Mandurah

For custom made blinds to keep your home warm, here in Mandurah and surrounds talk to Betta Shade. Betta Shades Mandurah is a local manufacturer and supplier of great quality blinds in Australia. We offer a wide selection of outdoor blinds, including motorised blinds and custom-made blinds for your specific needs. Give us a ring today for a free quote.

Want to use your patio all year round? Install patio blinds today!

One of the most essential outdoor living extensions in Australia is patios. When properly taken care of, your patio is the perfect place to entertain your guests and visitors all year round. But, there are times when your patio seems uninviting especially during,

  • Winter when your patio is cold and wet with those biting winds
  • Summer when the sun is scorching hot

Patio blinds are your perfect solution!

Your patio doesn’t need to be too cold during winter or too hot in summer because you can “shield” it from direct harsh weather changes. Install patio blinds to put you back in control of the weather. Patio blinds can bring a classy and beautiful feel to your home. They are not just a practical choice but also functional.

Patio blinds are perfect when you:

Need wind protection

Pull down your new patio blinds to prevent that winter chill getting in. By keeping the cold away from your house inside your home will be warmer too. Patio blinds are perfect for keeping the heat in your patio, so when you are running your patio heater you can keep the heat exactly where you want it.


Need sun protection

Won’t be long until the sun comes back and you need to be thinking about sun protection. Patio blinds are your perfect solution for all year round.

Patio blinds offer UV rays protection, which is very important, especially here in Western Australia where the sun’s rays very strong.  You can stay in your patio even if the sun is shining brightly. You can control the amount of light you want to enter inside your patio area.

Want to have better screening

Patio blinds permits views to the outside while ensuring your privacy. People from the outside will have a limited or no view to your patio living space.

Want to prolong your stay

Patio blinds will enable you to use your patio for extended duration and all year round. Your new blinds will control the climate and light in your patio while keeping your privacy at the same time making your patio a great place to spend time all year round.

With patio blind, you will be able to enjoy your patio while enhancing the value of your outdoor living space.

Call Betta Shade Mandurah today at 9582 0083 for a free measure and quote. We custom make your blinds to your needs, so you don’t have to settle for near enough is good enough.


How do patio blinds keep your house warm?

With the temperature dropping, many of us are worried about how to keep our house warm without paying expensive energy bills. The question is, is it possible? Yes, it is.

Keeping your home warm with patio blinds

Your patio is one of your favourite places in your home. It is where you sit after a long, tiring day from work, but during winter you tend to shy away from the place. Not anymore! You can use patio blinds to make your patio warm even during the chilly winter days.

How can patio blind makes your winter bearable?

Patio blinds are not just perfect when it comes to giving you privacy but can also keep your patio warmer. How? Well, simple. Read on.


Block the wind

Patio blinds have the ability to block out the winds. During winter preventing the chilly winds from getting near your home will definitely keep your home warmer. With patio blinds blocking the wind, no need to worry about chilly winds anymore. When there are installed blinds around your patio, it’s easier to keep out cold air from entering.


Allows the sunrays to enter

At a certain time of the day, you can open the blinds, especially when the sun is facing your patio. It will warm your patio easily. Don’t worry if you are away at work the sun that does sneak through will be trapped in your patio bring with it that lovely warmth we all crave at this time of year.

Allows you to keep in the warm air

During the night, you can close your patio blinds. This will give you a chance to contain heat and provide insulation from the cold outside. If you are having people over you can always buy a patio heater and bring the outdoors in without having to dress like a bear.


The good thing about patio blinds is they are a quick fix and a cheaper solution. With patio blinds, you don’t have to worry about energy bills. It’s winter already? No worries! By installing patio blinds, you can continue using your patio all year round, no matter what the season is.


Patio blinds are great for frost control too. You can grow your lettuces and leafy green in pots or styrofoam boxes right in your patio and never have to worry about a frost again. Just remember to drop your blinds each night and the frosts can’t reach your precious plants.

How do patio blinds keep your house warm?

Follow these simple tips and your home will be warmer and you will have more useable space with your patio becoming an enjoyable winter room too.

For your patio blind needs, contact Betta Shades. We offer full patio installation and can even customize it just for you. Call us now and get your free quote today!