Roller Shutters are the Ultimate in Protection from the Weather, Noise, Light and Un-Wanted Intruders

Whether you need protection from the harsh weather conditions, sun and storms, or security against break-ins, roller shutters are perfect for you. Window shutters keep your home cool in summer and provide great protection if you need to lock up your house while away on the extended holiday you always dreamed of.

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You’ll have peace of mind knowing your house will be safe and secure for your return.

Roller shutters are mounted on the outside of a door or window and roll down to cover and protect the door or window as needed. Our shutters are made from tough marine grade, powder coated aluminium materials which come in many colours to match and enhance your home’s appearance. Roller Shutters have a long dependable life, resisting wear and tear, acting like armor for your doors and windows and protecting them from damage. Manual winder, switch or remote controls are available for both window shutters or door shutters, the choice is yours.

Did you know roller shutters actually insulate your windows and doors, keeping the hot air out in summer and warm air in for the winter?

Roller Shutters are your perfect choice for light control. From preventing that annoying street light from keeping you awake all night to darkening a room so the shift worker in your family can get a good days sleep.
Roller Shutters are also the perfect companion for your home theater so when the big screen “comes to life”, your lights go right down and your big sound, isn’t heard down the street.

Need noise control?

Our shutters are the perfect choice for noise control from the highway traffic, noisy neighbours or whatever noise you would like to leave outside.

Whether you are looking for protection, privacy, security, light control, noise control or insulation, roller shutters from Betta Shade Mandurah are your perfect choice.

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