Ways to Keep Your Home Cool this Summer!

Summer is coming, are you ready?

Summer is a great time of year, bbq’s, parties and having fun with your friends and family. It’s the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors and do some fun summer activities. Summer is fun but it can also bring the scorching heat. Did your patio cope last year or did you have to move the party inside to the air con?

Enjoy summer safely

Isn’t it great if you can have the most of the warmer months without getting sunburned or getting dehydrated. It’s okay to embrace the sun when you are out, but when you are inside your home, make sure you feel cool.

Looking for ways to keep your home cool on a hot summer day without the expense of running the aircon all day? Well, good news! There are ways to keep your home cool this summer months and beat the heat.

Beating the summer heat

Here are ways on how to stay cool these summer:

Open your windows

First thing in the morning before the heat sets in close you window and then later in the day when the cool breeze arrives and the temperature drops, open your windows to let in fresh air. This will help you cool your home naturally. Just remember to install fly screens to keep unwanted guests from entering such as insects. Drawing your curtains can also help prevent the heat coming into your home.

Install outdoor window blinds

Keeping the heat out of your home will make it so much easier  to maintain a comfortable temperature this summer. Outdoor window blinds keep the sun from entering making your home cooler during the day. They can also be used to let the sunshine in when the weather is cold creating a suitable temperature inside your home.

There are many types of outdoor blinds and shutters that will stop the heat from entering your home.

  • Patio Blinds
  • Window Shades
  • Awnings
  • Roof to Fence Blinds
  • Roller Shutters

One type of blinds you need will depend on where your windows are located and your requirements.

Tips for using your air conditioner

On those really scorching day when you have done everything possible to keep the sun out and it is still hot, here are some tips on using your air conditioner.

Use the timer control on your air conditioning unit, set it to come on 30 minutes before you are due to come home to ensure that you will have a relaxing indoor environment to return to. Don’t want your Air Con to function all night long, make it turn off at midnight after the worst of the heat has gone. Remember to use your fan to keep your bedroom cool. That way your energy bills will be kept to a minimum.

Outdoor blinds  Mandurah

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Make your outdoor space more private, use outdoor blinds!

You love staying on your patio or deck. The outdoor gives you the feeling of being free, the warm sun, soft breeze and a great view. Ah, there are no words for the feeling. The warm weather makes you appreciate the outdoors more. However, there is a problem – you want to enjoy it to yourself without everyone seeing in.

The solution? Install outdoor blinds!

Sometimes, sharing a view can be a good thing and it makes you appreciate the view more with a couple of conversation, but wouldn’t it be nicer if you get the entire view all by yourself? You don’t have to worry about those prying eyes? Installing outdoor blinds can help you with that. Outdoor blinds are the stylish way to keep your privacy while letting you enjoy the outdoors and maintaining your view.

No need for putting up higher walls!

You don’t even have to grow bushes and plants just to have that privacy effect on your outdoor space. Install outdoor blinds and you’ll have your outdoor space all by yourself – easy and simple.

Outdoor blinds makes your outdoor space more attractive!

Outdoor blinds are not just perfect for keeping your privacy but can also make your outdoor space conducive for a relaxing nap and a great place for having an afternoon snack. Adding blinds can make your patio/deck more beautiful you’d actually want to stay there for an extended time. In fact, you’ll never track time when you are there, as if the time had stopped.

Betta Shade is your outdoor blind solution specialist

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Top 4 Ways to Maintain Your Roller Shutters

If you have roller shutter installed in your home, it is important that you keep it in its best shape all the time. Roller shutters:

  • Is a long term investment
  • Creates a safer, more comfortable environment
  • Enhance the value of your property

This is why it’s very important that you take care of your roller shutters. It gives you the chance to experience a convenient and quality indoor living.

Maintaining your roller shutters

Your roller shutter can last for many years if you know how to maintain it. Here are some general tips on how to maintain your roller shutters and enjoy it for years to come.

Do a regular cleaning

Like any other things around your home, roller shutter needs a regular cleaning. Do not clean your roller shutter only when they are dirty, but make cleaning a them a regular habit at least once or twice a year. Remember, your roller shutters are more likely to accumulate dirt and dust when it is windy. Regular cleaning can extend the life of your roller shutters.


Apart from cleaning and checking damage, it is important that you care for your roller shutters. Keep the rollers oiled at all times. Remember, if you don’t oil them, there will come a time when it can be very difficult for you to open and close your shutters.

Repair it

If you noticed any sign of damage, start the repair work right away. Roller shutters are durable, but can be damaged in severe weather conditions like strong winds, especially if things are flying around. If you don’t fix the damaged as soon as possible, it will only get worse and eventually, you’ll need to buy new shutters.

You don’t need that kind of expense. Prevent it from happening by doing a preventative care now.

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Let us tell you the ABC of blinds – patio blinds ABC

Do you have a patio? Patios are great and increase the quality of your living by offering you the chance to have an outdoor lifestyle which can be great especially during spring! What are you waiting for? The great outdoors is waiting for you! It’s not winter anymore, so you don’t have to stay inside, get out and enjoy the renewed feeling outside. Ah, fresh, beautiful and colourful spring!

What, it’s too cold with the last of the wind whipping around you ears or is it too hot in your patio?

Patio blinds are your answer.

Let us tell you the ABC of patio blinds

The ABC of patio blinds

Here are the patio blinds ABC that you might not know. Patio blinds are

A is for Aesthetically pleasing

B is for Better views and privacy

C is for Climate Control


Aesthetically pleasing  – Patio blinds can enhance your patios look. There are different designs and styles that you can choose. They also come in different colours which makes them a versatile patio addition.

Better views and privacy – What do blinds offer? They don’t just make your patio, attractive but they provide you a better way to view the outdoors. You can take a good look outside without having to go right outside are they provided you with shade so you can keep yourself protected from the sun’s heat. Patio blinds also provide privacy by allowing you to see out but not allowing people to see in, perfect for waterfront properties, houses that are close to the road or anywhere you want some privacy.

Climate Control – Drop your blinds down to prevent that cool wind whipping in or that hot summer sun. Lift up your blinds to let in that lovely sea breeze in summer or the spring sunshine. Patio blinds means you can have full control over the conditions in your patio. We even have automated options for you so it can be an easy as a touch of a button.

Patio blinds would be great at your place.

Blinds can shade your patio against harmful rays of the sun and the harsh wind blows which can damage your patio furniture. With patio blinds, you can use your patio for more years to come.

The ABC of blinds

Looking for the perfect blinds for your patio? Contact Betta Shade Mandurah. Our blinds are custom made to suit your needs and offer a wonderful ambiance to suit your home and are perfect for entertaining and creating more room. Discover how stylish your patio can be, call us now!