Curtains or Outdoor Blinds, What Suits Your Needs?

The right window accessory can make a great difference to your home and it boils down to personal choice, curtains or outdoor blinds. They are both effective and have their place and are both easy to install too. Custom made can fit any size window, regardless of width and shape. Whether it is on your patio or kitchen window, curtains and outdoor blinds can play their role. What is the difference between the two and which is better?


Here’s  are a few things to help you decide:


The choice between curtains and outdoor blinds can be brought down to a safety aspect.  While curtains tend to be more attractive, they will be very dangerous if you placed near heat sources like a stove or even the toaster. The reason is simple; curtains can be easily blown by wind through an open window making them prone to getting burned when exposed to heat sources. Make sure curtains are not places anywhere near a heat source.

Outdoor blinds on the other are outside. You can even close them to prevent wind from getting inside your house in the winter. Being outside makes them ideal for kitchen windows and patio even where there you are enjoying barbecue activities.


Easily Cleaning and Durability

The kitchen can be a messy place. Food spills and splatters can happen anytime. Think about how easy your window accessory can be cleaned; outdoor blinds are on the outside and your window can easily be wiped, while curtains need to be washed thoroughly.

Window solutions like curtains and outdoor blinds need to be durable. They have to withstand weather elements like heat and cold. They should also be resistant against spills and stains.

Whichever window solution you choice remember to buy quality as you get what you pay for and you don’t want to be asking the same question next year or the year after because you have to replace your cheap choice.

Curtains or Outdoor blinds what suits your need?

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Does my patio really need blinds?

A patio is an open space attached to your home. It’s a great place to enjoy the outdoors without actually getting out of your house. Your patio can serve as a good place for special dinners, a Friday night party or even just those solitary times when you just need time out.  Sometime the moment we want to do these things the sun in beating into our patio, the wind has blown up or the whole neighbourhood can see in.

What is the answer?

Installing patio blinds can solve these problem!


Because your privacy is important.

Patio gives you full access to the outside view, but there are times when you want to get more privacy. For this, your patio really needs blinds. Getting some privacy is such a hard thing to do but with outdoor blinds it is easy. With outdoor patio blinds you can still see out and have your privacy of people not being able to see in.


Climate Control.

Patio blinds are perfect for reducing direct sunlight and preventing the wind from wreking your next function or quiet moment.

  • Great for summer
  • Fabulous for winter
  • Creates a beautiful finish to your patio


The harsh rays of the sun can spoil all the fun while you are having a tea party with friends. Unless you want to roast yourself with the suns hot rays, outdoor blinds are essential for you to control the sun entering your patio area. During winter or when it rains, shutting your new blinds will make the perfect sun catching spot to enjoy a cuppa and your book. Outdoor blinds will create the perfect outdoor temperature all year round.


Add Style.

Outdoor blinds are fabulous to add style to your patio and make it beautiful. They can make your outdoor space more alluring. Who doesn’t want to stay in a patio with beautiful blinds while enjoying the fresh wind, the warmth of the sun and the charm of the outdoor views?


Does my patio really need blinds?

With outdoor blinds, you can make your patio the best place for relaxing, unwinding with friends and families after a tiring day from work. So, yes, your patio really does need outdoor blinds.

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Why Choose Patio Blinds?

Are you looking for the perfect patio blinds. Your patio area is a great place to enjoy the heat before the cooler months are upon us. While we love the sun we don’t want our patios to be scorching hot from the last of that those summery days, it is important to prevent that westerly afternoon sun beating in. Have you considered patio blinds to block out that hot sun?


Why Choose Patio Blinds?


Patio blinds are functional screens placed around a patio to provide shade or privacy. Blinds can improve the overall look of a patio and make it functional for you to enjoy all year round. Patio blinds can be added at any stage, construction or whenever you feel ready.


Benefits of added patio blind.


There are many reasons to choose outdoor patio blinds for your home

Patio blinds act as a screen between the patio and the outside weather. They can be used to block out the suns hot rays and provide shade.

During winter, patio blinds prevent heat loss and protect you from those stiff westerly winds that can really make you cold.

Discreet screening allows you to enjoy your view while ensuring privacy at the same time, patio blinds are your perfect answer.

Patio blinds come in many colours and can be customised to enhance the appearance of your patio.

How to find the perfect patio blinds?


There are lots of patio blinds on the market and choosing can be difficult.


When buying blinds look for:


Localy owned and manufactured

Good length on the warranty

That way, you won’t have to change your blinds over and over again costing you time and money. Remember you get what you pay for.


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