Patio Blinds / Café Blinds Gallery

Betta Shade Mandurah build custom-made Patio Blinds to suit your exact need, see our patio blind /café blind gallery for ideas on what we can do at your house.


Roller Shutters Gallery

Roller shutters actually insulate your windows and doors, keeping the hot air out in summer and warm air in for the winter. Great for protection and light too. Have a look at our Roller shutters for ideas.

Awnings Gallery

Betta Shade Mandurah makes a range of Awnings from Folding Arm Awnings, Roof to Fence Blinds and shades to suit your requirements, call us today to discuss your needs.

Roof to Fence Gallery

Roof to Fence Blinds are perfect for those side areas where you need shade, perfect for tight spaces. Betta Shade has got you covered, have a look at our roof to fence blind gallery.

External Window Blinds Gallery

Need to stop reflections from your pool shining through the windows or stop that afternoon sun heating up your bedroom? External Window Blinds are the ideal solution to protect the whole family from the sun’s harmful rays heating up your house and your walls. By keeping the sun away from your walls and window you are also keeping your house cooler.

Indoor Blinds Gallery

Patios, Verandah and Carport Roof Gallery

If you enjoy entertaining and relaxing in the outdoors, then at last you can purchase a versatile stylish patio that combines high quality, outstanding design possibilities and functional simplicity, with value for money you never thought possible.