How Much Will a Roller Shutter Cost?

Are you looking for a window solution that can protect you and your family from the harsh weather conditions like intense sun heat, strong wind and rain or storms; and even man-made threats? Roller shutters are perfect solution for you. Window roller shutters keep your home cool in summer, warm in winter and provide great protection if you need to lock up your house while away on your dream holiday. You will definitely have peace of mind knowing your house is safe!


What are roller shutters?

Roller shutters are type of window screen which are mounted to the outside of your door or window and can be rolled down to cover and protect the part or your entire door or window as needed. They are made from tough marine grade powder coated aluminium which come in many colours to match your existing home’s colour scheme.

Roller Shutter are made from quality material and have a long dependable life-span giving optimum use and an outstanding characteristic to resist wear and tear.

How much will roller shutter cost?

When looking for roller shutter keep price in mind but remember you get what you pay for and a cheap price doesn’t always mean a quality product. The cheapest things are most likely not be the best choice because buying a cheap item may allow you to tick the box for a short term goals, but you will be back buying the product again in a very short time when the cheap one fails you.

This applies to roller shutters too! When buying, you should always consider quality, the guarantee and the service being offered. Purchasing from the wrong company will make you spend more money on the window solution than intended. The roller shutter and the company you are going to buy it from should have a reliable reputation to ensure that you get the best product available.

Australian Made

Always look for an Australian made products from an Australian owner company. Keep in mind, that it is beneficial to take the time to do some research before shopping for roller shutter. This gives you better knowledge on the product that you are going to buy and the company you should look for.

Betta Shades is your local roller shutter specialist who manufacture their blinds and shutters in Mandurah Western Australia and is an Australian owned business.

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How to save energy this summer!


Are you looking for ways to save on energy bills? This summer, your aircons will run over time and your energy bills will go up, cooling is a necessity. Since you are looking for ways to save energy, why not save on cooling costs. How? Here at Betta Shades we have a great ideas to help you save on money on your cooling costs.


How to save energy this summer!


Betta Shades offers a wide range of outdoor blind and shutter solutions. We offer modern designs with improved style to help reduce the heat entering your home here in Western Australian.


External window blinds, roller shutters and awnings


Windows plays a big part in maintaining comfort inside your house. They also bring in a lot of unwanted heat, external window blinds, roller shutters and awnings are designed to, if not prevent, minimise the amount of heat that enters your home. Minimising the heat before it gets into your home will provide you with a more comfortable and cooler living space.


Reducing heat entering your home, reduces your cooling costs.


By eliminating heat getting inside your home in the first place, reduces the need for cooling equipment because the inside temperature is lower. By having cooler temperature inside your home will save you money on your cooling costs.


We have a range of patio blinds, café blinds, roof to fence blinds, awnings and roller shutters all of which can stop the direct sun from hitting your windows and also your walls, depending on the placement of the blinds.  These new window solutions are designed for greater effectiveness and ease of use. With modern technology, remote controlled window blinds and roller shutters have been made possible. This gives you an ease access and control over the accessory which ensures you the utmost convenient and add value to your home.


Patio blinds are fantastic in making your patio a great place from outdoor living all year round and prevent glare and heat hitting the walls of your house. Australians love the outdoor activities and patio blinds are a great solution to enjoy our outdoor spaces no matter what type of weather we have.


Betta Shade is your local blinds specialist, buy direct from the factory. We also offer custom blinds for your specific need. Call us today and get a FREE quote!


How to keep my house cool in the heat

In a modern home it is best to close up during the heat of the day, to keep the heat out and then open all the windows from late afternoon when the breeze comes in. The overnight temperatures will be lower outside than inside and will cool your house down.

Controlling the amount of heat and light that you allow to enter in your home will make a huge difference to your home this summer. It is also important to maintain comfort and efficiency levels of light and heat to reduce your reliance on airconditioning at your home.


How to keep my house cool in the heat

This problem can be easily solved with lots of shade options available in the market place, nothing beats the use of outdoor blinds and roller shutters to prevent the heat entering your home.


Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor blinds are highly recommended for shade and they can also help prevent wind and rain too. These blinds are available in a wide selection of high standard and durable materials, colours and styles which are custom made to fit your windows, patio and doors. They provide effective shade at an affordable price.


Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are recommended windows where you want complete security, darkness and noise prevention. Roller shutters are great for bedroom of shift workers, childrens nurseries and for people who need to lock up their homes when they are away traveling or working eg FIFOs.

How to keep my house cool in the heat

Which is better Blinds or shutter? Well that depends on your need?


Blinds can give you control over the amount of light and heat entering your home.

  • Lightweight
  • Colour and material options
  • You can still see out without seeing in
  • Doesn’t block your view
  • Long lasting – 5 year warranty

Outdoor blinds are easily maintained and cleaned you can simple use a damp clothed to wipe it up and remove dust from time to time.


Roller Shutters

Shutters looks great on any window.


  • Durable
  • Range of colour
  • Fully lockable
  • Great for security
  • Noise prevention
  • Ultimate privacy
  • Fully adjustable for light, air and noise control.


Roller shutters are a versatile heat and light control method that will look good for many years to come.


Which to choice outdoor blinds or shutter to keep you home cool this summer?


The choice between blinds or shutter comes down to your needs and personal preference; both have their advantages and are ideal in different situation.


Betta Shades is a leading manufacturer of blinds and roller shutters in Western Australia. Buy direct from the factory and save, we custom make quality blinds and shutters to suit your specific need. Give us a call today or a free measure and quote.