Outdoor Blinds – Help to Keep Your Home Warmer in Winter

Do you want to reduce your bills?

Do you want to keep your home warm, especially during winter?

If yes, time to install Outdoor blinds for your home!

Outdoor blinds for your home

Outdoor window blinds are a great addition for your home because they add beauty and enhance your home’s appearance. Blinds make your home warmer because they to help to insulate your home and prevent the frost and cold breezes hitting your windows. Insulation means trapping the warm air inside which makes you feel warmer when you are inside.


Do blinds keep my home warmer in winter?

Absolutely! Window blinds can make a huge difference in heat loss during the evening and even in the colder months. Your home can become uncomfortable on those cold chilly winter morning and days. With outdoor window blinds, you can pull them down and prevent that cold and put them up to capture those glimpses on the suns rays.

Saving is simple with outdoor window blinds

Reducing your bills is as easy as 123 with blinds for your windows. If you install outdoor blinds, you can make your home more energy efficient which can help you reduce your energy bills all year round. Sound’s interesting? If you think that lowering your energy bills is important,  installing blinds on your windows is a must.

During the winter months, the heat from inside your home disappears out of your windows. You can prevent this from happening by having blinds on the outside that will trap the warm air next to your window and prevent it from escaping.

Outdoor blinds for your needs!

Looking for the perfect patio blinds, roof to fence blinds and outdoor blinds that will match your home’s style? Contact Betta Shade Mandurah to discuss your needs. We offer custom made outdoor blind locally manufactured and installed. Free quotes, ring today.

Going away, need window security?

Planning an extended holiday, getting ready to go on that trip of a life time but worried about your home

security while you are away? It is so simple to keep your home secure when you useroller shutters. They are easy to operation and will keep your property safe against any possible break-ins and bad weather.

Roller shutter are made from aluminium so they are strong and durable, lasting for many years with little maintenance. Roller shutters come in many colours to compliment your homes colour scheme.

Roller shutter provides great window security

Roller shutters can be fitted to windows and doors to provide great security that you can see; this is a visual deterrent to the would be thief. Roller shutters are available in manual operation, electric and remote control options making them really easy to use and look great too.

When you are at home your new roller shutters can be roller away or used to prevent heat loss from your room in winter. With the shutters you have lots of options to how far or little you open them.

Roller shutter are for you.

If you need protections while you are away from man-made threats or harsh weather conditions roller shutters are perfect for you. Shutters provide the security you need and the ability to lock up your home and protect your belongings while you are away. By installing roller shutters on your windows before you go, you will have peace of mind and not have to worrying about your home.

Betta Shade is a locally owned Australian company right here in Mandurah. In order for you to decide on what’s the ideal type of roller shutters for your home, call your outdoor specialists Betta Shade Mandurah for a free quote.

Remote control operating systems for patio blinds.

Patio blinds have evolved over recent years to become a stylish must have accessory to extend the use of your patio area.

The weather has suddenly changed and the wind is now blowing into your patio where the children are playing; reach for your remote control and drop your patio blinds into place. The afternoon activities go on uninterrupted. That’s how easy outdoor living can be when you choose a remote control operating system with your outdoor blinds. This ensures smooth and easy control on your blinds to use where and when you need them.

When choosing remote control operating system for patio blinds there are a few things to remember:

  • Position
  • Access
  • Budget

Position – the exact location of the patio where the blinds to be placed.

Access – can you easily access the area where you outdoor blinds are located?
If the answer is no, then a remote control option will be perfect for you.
If you can, then a remote control will make your life easy.

Budget – of course is a very important factor. With a good budget you can always go for the most convenient and cool new remote control operating system. A remote control system will cost more in the beginning but save your years of hassle and allow you to enjoy your outdoor blinds whenever you need them.

Betta Shades Mandurah is your specialist in outdoor blinds. Our outdoor patio blinds can be made to fit to any patios shape, size and style. Durable marine grade aluminum and quality UV fabric give your new patio blind a 5 year guarantee and you will enjoy having the temperature control you need at a touch of a button.

We also supply manually operated blinds with a crank handle. If you are a homeowner who like simplicitythen a remote control operated blinds will give you an easy and fast control of the blinds with just a click of a button.Perfect for older people, children or if your hand strength is not what it used to be or just because it makes life easy.

Remote control operating systems for patio blinds

To know more about patio blinds and the operating systems available, call Betta Shades Mandurah. Your local outdoor blinds specialist!

Keeping Your Patio Warm This Winter With a Patio Heater

Patio heaters will bring warmth and summery feel back to your patio this winter. Having a heater can make you feel warm while expanding your patio space into a useable room even when those cold breezes whip around.

Things you should know with patio heaters

Patios come in different sizes, shapes and styles so just like indoor heater you need the right patio heater for your area.

Heat directions, capacity and area of warmth will vary depending on the make model and kind of heater you choose. Some outdoor heaters give off heat in a circular motion, while others provide a pointed direct heat.

Patio heaters come in a variety of styles like portable,  tabletop or ceiling mounted. In most cases, these heaters will provide a diameter heating area of 6 metres. The heat can eventually circulate out to all over the area over time.  Pre warming the area can be a good is idea before your guests arrive.

Aside from the main purpose of heating effect on patio heaters, it can also add accent to your space especially if you’re having your patio in your restaurant, resort or simply on your own backyard.

Types of Patio Heaters

These are many variations of patio heaters available in the market today.

  • Portable patio heaters – can be moved from one place to another with capacity of circulation heat       inclusive within 6 metre diameter area.
  • Tabletop Patio Heatersare – compact heaters, inexpensive and portable. These portable heater provide heat for a smaller area and capacity.
  • Wall / Ceiling Mounted Heaters – are the perfect type when space is limited. Electric and gas options are available and are a fixed heater ready to turn on at a moment’s notice.

Keeping your patio warm this winter with a patio heater!

There are plenty of different patio heaters to choice from so pick a heater that suits your needs and budget. Team your patio heater with a good quality set of patio blinds and your will have able to enjoy your patio all year round. BBQ with your family or special dinner party with friends using your patio is a great way to extend your living space.

Your local patio bind supplier is Betta Shade Mandurah, made local to suit our weather conditions, call today for a free measure and quote.