Four Things to Consider When Buying Outdoor Blinds

Installing blinds are the perfect solution to keep the heat out of your home especially as the weather begins to warm up. Spring has just begun and the heat of summer is coming. You want to enjoy your patio at this time of the year but does it get too hot with the sun beating in? What to do?  Easy, install outdoor blinds.

Choosing outdoor blinds

Outdoor blinds are an amazing way to keep your patio shaded. You don’t have to shy away from your patio this warm season. Plus, outdoor blinds can also enhance the appearance of your patio. Outdoor blinds come in different sizes, designs and styles. You can also choose blinds of different colours so if you want something colourful for your patio, you can have it your way.

When choosing outdoor blinds here are 4 things to think about:

  • Colour
  • Style
  • Durability
  • Design


There is a wide range of colour selection for your new outdoor blinds. Select a colour that blends well with your home décor. Or be bold and use a contrasting colour. During these warmer months, you can also consider choosing warmer and bright colours to celebrate the season.


Different outdoor blinds offer different looks. Some will make your home elegant and modern. Some will make your home appear homey and cosier. Whatever blinds you choose, be sure to choose something that will suit your taste.


Always opt for high quality outdoor blinds. These kind of blinds can last for a longer time. They will not fade, warp, crack or split, meaning real value for money and you will be able to enjoy your blinds longer.


There are lots of options and designs. For proper designs, speak to the professionals and get a free quote. The design will depend on your requirements, use and space where your new blinds will go.

Consider these  4 things to consider when buying outdoor blinds and you will get the best value for your money.

Need outdoor blinds for your patio or outdoor space? Contact Betta Shade. We have a wide range of outdoor blinds for your needs. Call us now and start enjoying your patio now and well into summer.


Roller Shutters for every season, protection and noise control.

With Roller shutters you can have peace of mind knowing your house will be safe and secure for your return, even after an extended holiday.

Changing the look and feel of your room need not be expensive. In fact you don’t need to spend that much just to get that new stylish look. Every thought of outdoor blinds or roller shutter to control the light and noise to your room?

There are lots of types of blinds and shutter options for you to choice from. Each of them are effective in their own way when it comes to beautifying the surrounding, but if you are looking to reduce heat, light and sound into your room it is best to get it before it enters your house so roller shutters or outdoor blind are the option which will suit you.

The choice entirely depends on which room you are to use it. A roller shutter is the best option for keeping your bedroom dark so that sun light can’t get in and preventing noise. Roller Shutters are perfect for security.


Need Protection from noise, the weather, light or man-made threats?

Whether you need protections from a man-made threats, the harsh weather conditions, sun and storms or just want to block out the traffic noise;roller shutters are perfect for you.Window shutters keep your home warm in winter, cool in summer and provide great protect if you want to lock up your house while away on the trip of a life time that you always dreamed of.

Outdoor Café Blinds are stylish and sleek in appearance; and are available in many colours, great when you want to let sun in to your room some of the time and not at other times of the day.

Design and style variations for shutters and blinds seemed endless so it is better to contact Betta Shade to discuss your needs. It is always best to speak to a person who understand your needs and can find a way to achieve your desired style.

Betta Shade offers a range of stylish roller shutter and out blinds available many different colours for your to choose from. Contact us on 08 9582 0083 or0411 101 159 now to discuss your needs and get a free expert advice.


Betta’s tips to keep cool this summer!

Love the summer heat, are you ready?

Summer is fun, the beach, the warm breeze, the great outdoors. But when you come home you always tend to look for a little cool, you want to enjoy the cool breeze while sitting under your patio.

Well, you can!

How to keep cool this summer

Staying cool this summer would be an icing to your cake! Fortunately, there are ways on how to keep yourself cool despite the blazing heat of the sun this summer. Here are Betta’s tips to keep cool this summer.

Eat spicy foods

Spicy foods on a hot afternoon? Is it a good idea, sounds odd, but yes, it works?

When you eat spicy foods, you sweat without raising your body’s temperature. Sweating is your body’s natural way to cool down.

Drink lots of water

During hot summer days, drink plenty of water. The hot temperature causes your body to dehydrate so it’s a good idea to replace those lose fluids. With drinking water, you’ll stay nice and cool.

Eat outside

While it might be a good idea to use your oven this summer for some DIY oven cooking, do not do it. Cooking with your oven will heat up your home. Why not cook outside instead, have a barbee.  After all, it’s summer perfect time to enjoy your patio by cooking and eating outside.

Outdoor Blinds

Have outdoor blinds installed. When the sun is beating down you can have your blinds down and stop the sun hitting your paving and heating it up, once the sun has moved over and the breeze is in, pull up your blinds and let the cool air in.

Take a night shower

Before going to bed, take a shower. Sometimes, the toughest heat wave could be at night. Take an ice cold shower and snore the night away!

Need to have outdoor blinds installed?

In order to keep the heat from entering your outdoor space, install outdoor blinds! It’s much more relaxing to stay outside when the blinds are there to block away the heat. For all your outdoor blinds needs, contact Betta Shade Mandurah. We have blinds that will work best for your home. Ring us now for free measure and quote.

5 ways to brighten up your patio

Are you bored with your patio?

Need to add a splash of colour to brighten up your patio?

Here is 5 great ways to brighten up your patio:

  • Pillows and cushions
  • Rugs
  • Plants
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Outdoor Blinds

Now that winter has gone and the weather is great add a splash of colour to your patio and enjoy the great outdoors.

Why add some colour?

Add some colour to your patio with style, and class it will really lift your outdoor area. Colour is great to make you feel happy and brightening up your mood.

Here’s how you can add colour to your patio:

  • Add pillows and cushions

You can add colour to your patio with bright, colourful pillows and cushions. You could even have a couple of themes and change them when the mood takes you. You could have a bright coloured Mediterranean theme and then more subtle cool colours, for those romantic moments. Changing the whole mood of your patio is quick and easy with cushions and pillows.

  • Use outdoor rug

A colourful or patterned rug can liven up your patio floor. A rug can create the visual centerpiece of your outdoor space.

  • Plants

Potted colour is cheap and colourful at this time of year. Plants are a great way to make your outdoor area inviting and appealing for you to spend your time in.

  • Give your old furniture a coat of paint

Giving your old patio furniture a coat of paint can give them a new less of life and really liven them up again. Your makeover is limited only by your imagination, use colours that match your theme.

  • Use outdoor blinds

Outdoor blinds are stylish and come in many colours to suit your needs. Outdoor blinds are perfect to add colour while keeping your privacy.

Add colour, feel great and enjoy your patio this year.

For your outdoor blind needs, contact Betta Shade Mandurah. We have blinds with different colour to suit your needs, get a quote today.